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I can't wait to start tearing shit up. Its getting pretty bad with Orochimaru, so I think Tsunade, and more importantly, my government supervisor will give me permission. I've already started mixing my ingredients for the explosives. Just think of it! All of this madness going up in a cloud of smoke, ash and flames. Goodbye, troubles. Its a little scary to think about, but also extremely exciting.

Yamato-kun and I have gotten the coordinates of one of Orochimaru's hideouts. We were hoping to make a hit soon; we have the equipment. If you think it would be wise to do it, please tell me. I'll take Yamato and we can handle it on our own, quick, quiet, and clean as a grandmother's kitchen floor.

(OOC: ANBU styley! :O)

Ah, I can't wait for the play, even though I may be a bit busy in the coming weeks. I hope Gai-san doesn't mind. He might cut my extra pay D:
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